Product Properties

Typical Properties of Maxwell™

• Maxwell™ is a patented engineered suspension of submicron Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) particles in a base fluid, either water (W) or water with propylene/ethelyene glycol (PG/EG).
• Maxwell™ is added to the base fluid of a closed hydronic system (HVAC or cooling process) while the system is running. There is no need for system shutdown.
• Only a 2% concentration of Maxwell™ by volume of system fluid needs to be added for a significant increase in thermal energy transfer (15%).
• Maxwell™ is proven safe for all typical components and materials in mechanical systems.


Maxwell™ Saturation Properties

Maxwell™ will not reduce existing fluid life expectancy and has no material affect on viscosity, therefore no appreciable effect on system fluid pumping energy.

The table shows the saturation properties of Maxwell™ at various temperatures compared to water.


Maxwell™ ASTM Corrosion Standards

• Maxwell™ has been tested using ASTM guidelines for metals and synthetic materials commonly used in the construction of thermal systems.
• Maxwell™ is evenly dispersed in the system fluid, does not cause corrosion, clogging, or abrasion, and has minimal effect on viscosity with its low concentration.
• Maxwell™ has been installed in hydronic systems with continuous operation for twenty thousand plus hours with no detrimental effect on pumps or associated HVAC equipment.