Maxwell™ is a drop-in heat transfer fluid additive for water-based cooling and heating systems that improves heat transfer by up to 15%.

HT Materials Science are pioneers in smart heat transfer fluids. We’re the FIRST company to develop a patented, stable, non-toxic nanofluid that significantly increases energy efficiency and system capacity in hydronic cooling and heating systems. In most cases Maxwell™ can be installed with no system retrofit or shutdown.

By significantly lowering energy usage, Maxwell helps reduce the users carbon footprint, thus helping achieve corporate sustainability goals for lower greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability can be achieved not only by retrofitting existing buildings with Maxwell but also in new building design where Maxwell’s efficiencies enable a reduction in the size and cost of the HVAC equipment used.

Maxwell™ is a simple drop in additive. No new equipment, no downtime – just instant results. Maxwell™ comprise just 2% of overall system fluid volume. HTMS provides onsite supervision for the installation of Maxwell™, as well as ongoing system monitoring to ensure proper fluid and system values.

Maxwell™ works with any closed-loop, water or water / glycol-based system. Applications include chillers, heat pumps and energy recovery units.
Typical industries include:
• Commercial Office Buildings
• Large Residential Buildings
• Retail/Shopping Centers
• Healthcare Complexes
• Warehousing
• Data Centers
• Manufacturing