As costs and efficiencies continue to drive decisions in the power generation industry, the importance of choosing the right heat transfer fluid has become critical.

    There are numerous systems and sub systems within a power generation plant. These systems need to capture heat and/or reject heat as efficiently as possible. These systems often operate in climate extremes which further stress the equipment. One such example is turbine inlet cooling. In hot climates, the turbine inlet air must be cooled. The air mass flow in gas turbine engines is directly related to the density of the inlet air. Power output of a gas turbine plant can be reduced by as much as 40% depending on climate.

    Maxwell 2020® can increase power output by more efficiently managing inlet temperatures, while reducing the parasitic load of the turbine inlet chillers. In addition, in climates where glycol is required for winter operation, Maxwell 2020® removes the glycol penalty, so the glycol does not have to be removed for summer operation.

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