The initial investment in a heat transfer fluid for a water-based HVAC system is insignificant compared to the cost of chillers, pumps, piping and other system components. However, an HVAC system’s performance, longevity, and long-term maintenance costs can be significantly affected by the heat transfer fluid that is used.

    The primary limitation of other heat transfer fluids is low thermal conductivity. Low thermal conductivity leads to poor performance, higher energy costs and in some cases equipment and system oversizing. Our innovative heat transfer fluids are engineered with metal-oxide nanoparticles suspended in various base fluids. As a result, our nanofluids have substantially higher thermal conductivities compared to other heat transfer fluids available today.

    For air or water-cooled HVAC chiller systems, Maxwell 2020® offers significant heat transfer improvement, energy savings, carbon emissions reductions and improved equipment performance. Maxwell 2020® performance increase can result in better, more efficient equipment selection, reduced equipment room (MER) size, electrical service sizing and more.

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